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FPPA Membership Information

Membership is open to businesses who are involved in or supply to the flexographic industry. Levels of membership include platemakers and pre-press companies who are primarily manufacturers of flexographic printing plates and not associated with converting operations; associates, suppliers of products or services to flexographic pre-press platemakers; and affiliates, companies or converting operations engaged in flexographic pre-press or platemaking but not as the organizations primary business. FPPA also welcomes academic and trade press members.

Benefits of Membership in the FPPA include:

  • Annual Conference, featuring networking events and educational sessions
  • Peer networking opportunities
  • Industry information
  • Tips & Trends technology updates
  • Education & training sessions
  • Management training forums & workshops

FPPA Membership Levels

To complete an online membership application form, select the appropriate membership level from the list below.

Contact FPPA Headquarters for more information!

Full / Platemaker - Application
Any firm or corporation who is engaged primarily in business as a commercial manufacturer of flexographic printing plates and not associated with converting operations.

Associate / Supplier - Application
Firm or corporation which is a supplier of products or services to flexographic pre-press platemakers but do not engage in the flexographic pre-press platemaking activities.

Affiliate / Related Industry Supplier - Application
Any flexographic converting company supplier of other than pre-press related products (for example: Ink Supplier; Analox Roll Supplier; Press Supplier).

Trade Press - Application
Trade press membership is available to a firm or corporation, which is engaged in the publication of periodicals of interest and related to commercial manufacturing and use of flexographic printing plates.

Academic - Application
Academic membership is available to bona fide educational institutions, or representatives thereof, whose interest in the flexographic printing plate manufacturing industry is recognized by the Board of Directors.

Founding Members

Advance Printing Products, Inc.
Allied Graphics
City Stamp Works, Inc.
Container Graphics Corporation
Cosco Industries, Inc.
Dynamic Dies, Inc.
EZ Packaging Graphics, Inc.
Mark/Trece, Inc.
Matthews International Corporation
National Graphics
Para Plate, Inc.
Printron, Inc.
S&N Graphics, Inc.
Trinity Graphics USA, Inc.
V.T. Graphics, Inc.
Wescor Graphics


We know where we stand as an industry today, but what about tomorrow or five years from now? FPPA members will face the challenges of tomorrow together.

Preservation of a Free Competitive Economy

The association's insistence upon full compliance with all legal requirements in the antitrust field is based on the association's conviction that the preservation of a free, competitive economy is essential to the welfare of the association, the industry it represents and the country.

Membership Information Packet

To become a member of FPPA, select the link to call up the membership application form. Fill in the form and select "submit". An information packet will be sent to you.

You may also contact the FPPA at:
1350 Main St., Suite 1100
Springfield, MA 01103

Phone: 413.686.9187
Fax: 413.747.7777

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