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FPPA Announces 2015 Award Winners

FOREST HILL, MD: The Flexographic Pre-Press Platemakers Association (FPPA)
recently presented its annual awards during the April 27-29 meeting held in Naples,
Florida. The recipient of the 2015 Technological Innovator of the Year awards is
Esko, for its Full HD Flexo. Full HD Flexo is a platemaking system for superior flexo
printing for all packaging applications.
Full HD Flexo utilizes a patented, fully digitally controlled platemaking system
combining high-resolution 4000ppi imaging with a unique inline UV main exposure unit.
The LED-array delivers UV power density strong enough to fully control the plate
polymerization process during main exposure. For the first time, flexo plates are imaged,
exposed, and delivered directly to the plate processor, without need for light table
exposure. With Full HD Flexo, flexo platemaking has become a true “Computer to
Plate” process: no lamination, no films, and no extra steps with light tables.
Evaluation print runs have proven the excellent color gamut of Full HD Flexo,
which means that more PANTONE and brand colors can accurately be matched by
process color builds. With such results, brand owners have started switching gravure
work to flexo.
The aim of the Technological Innovator of the Year award is to recognize
achievement within any production or administrative area of the pre-press process. The
word Innovation is defined as the introduction of something new, whether a method or a
product. The concept of innovation includes enhancement of profitability, improved
productivity, operating efficiency and product quality. Eligibility for this award is open to
the full membership of FPPA.
“We are excited that Esko submitted the Full HD Flexo for the 2015 Technology
Innovator of the Year award. It hit the mark of our conference theme of “How to be
Creative, Faster and Profitable” dead on. It will allow our members to more effectively
compete against the offset and gravure processes while also improving efficiency and
cost.” comments Tim Moore, Southern Graphics, FPPA President-Elect.
The purpose of the Flexographic Pre-Press Platemakers Association is to foster,
promote, improve and enhance high standards of efficiency and cooperation within the
flexographic pre-press platemaking industry

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